Buy a Star as a Gift – All You Need to Know in 2021-22

Choosing to buy a star as a gift is a wonderful way to mark a special occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirements… if there’s an event to be marked, naming a star as a gift is a great way to do it. But you don’t need a special occasion to indulge in some starry magic. Maybe you want to say ‘I miss you’ to a distant relative. Perhaps you just want to tell someone you’re thinking of them. Whatever you want to say and whenever you want to say it, a name a star gift ticks the boxes. But how exactly do you get one? Here’s what you need to know including why Dedicated Stars is an excellent place to name a star as a gift.

Why You Should Buy a Star as a Gift

The number one thing you need to know about how to name a star as a gift? It’s simple. Granted, it’s not quite so simple as grabbing a last-minute bunch of flowers from the store, but it’s not far off. Providing you can type and come up with a name, naming a star as a gift is a piece of cake.

And as to the number one reason you should name a star as a gift? Because it’s going to be appreciated. And that’s the crux of the whole thing.

When you choose a gift, you can never be quite sure if the person you’re buying for is going to like it. Maybe they won’t like the color. Perhaps the style won’t suit them. Maybe they’ve already got ten of the same thing gathering dust in the attic. If you want to make sure your gift doesn’t end up being re-gifted, thrown in the trash, or donated to charity, you’re going to need to make sure it’s special. And nothing says special quite like a star.

When you name a star as a gift, you’re buying something no one would ever buy for themselves, but which everyone would love to have bought for them. Sure, you could play it safe and buy a pair of fancy socks instead, but where’s the fun in that? Where’s the magic? We can all buy ourselves a pair of socks. But a star? A star is something else entirely.

When you choose to name a star as a gift, you’re showing your loved one just how much they mean to you. This isn’t some random gift you’ve found at the last minute at the mall. This is a gift that you’ve thought about, that you’ve chosen just for them.

Naming a star as a gift means going the extra mile. It means thinking about the person you’re buying for and choosing something uniquely personal to them. As to the fact a star’s no more difficult to buy than a box of candies? Well, I won’t tell if you don’t.

Buy a Star as a gift is a great way to make an impression

The How-to Guide to Buying a Star as a Gift

If you’re buying a star as a gift, you’re making a sound choice. As personal, thoughtful gifts go, a star is hard to beat. And as for the number of occasions it covers… you name it, it does the job. Retirements, weddings, engagements, graduations, baby showers, birthdays, memorials, anniversaries…. basically, if there’s a date on your calendar with a ring around it, buying a star as a gift will be a fitting way to mark it.

But how exactly do you do it? Is buying a star as a gift really as easy as simply choosing a name, or is there some secret to the process you need to know about?

The good news? It really is that easy. You don’t need to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Milky Way to buy a star as a gift. You don’t have to know the exact position of the Zodiac constellations. You don’t even have to know what a Zodiac constellation is.

Providing you know how to type your name, select a few boxes, and have the creativity to think of a name for your star (although actually, creativity is optional. You can get imaginative if you want, but feel free to just stick to the name of the person you’re buying for if you’d prefer), then buying a star as a gift shouldn’t present any challenges.

As to how to do it? Like this…

Choose a Package

Choose between:

Classic Package
If you’re on a shoestring budget, a classic package is a great choice. It’s affordable but still incredibly special. A random constellation will be allocated to you (although if you want to choose your own, you’ve got the option to upgrade) and you’ll then get to name a star in that constellation. The star will be visible in the night sky, with or without a telescope.

Zodiac Package
The Zodiac package lets you combine the best of both astronomy and astrology in one unique gift. Although it’s suitable for any occasion, it makes an especially great choice for birthdays. Simply choose the Zodiac constellation that’s most appropriate (Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, or Sagittarius), before allocating a name to your particular star.

Binary Star Package
If you want to go the extra mile, you might want to consider a binary star package. With this option, you get to name a binary star, one of two stars that orbit each other. If you’re buying for a partner, a sibling, or someone else particularly important in your life, this is the package that’s going to let them know exactly how much they mean to you.

Choose a Brightness

Regardless of what option you choose, your star should be visible on a clear night. But some stars are just that little bit more dazzling than others. If you want to sprinkle a little extra fairy dust on your gift, it’s worth upgrading to an extra bright star.

Choose a Name

Now we come to the interesting part… the naming ceremony. This time, the decision is all yours. Name it after your loved one, after a special place, after a pet… some people have even been known to name it after their boat.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. But remember, this a name that will stay with you forever. A novelty name might seem funny now, but will you still be laughing in ten, twenty years from now? Naming a little piece of the night sky is a serious business. If you want it to be. If you don’t, well… the world’s your oyster.

Choose Your Adds-Ons

You don’t need to accessorize a star to make it special. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a few extra goodies to your order. After all, when it comes to gift-giving, less is rarely more. If you want to add a little extra wow factor to your gift, it’s worth checking out the additional options available.

Most packages will include a nice little selection of extras like a star guide, a personalized certificate, and mobile and desktop wallpaper as standard. These will be included in the total price of the package – check the details of the package you’ve chosen for the exact details.

On top of that, you can select from a wide collection of options like iPhone cases, personalized bags or cushions, and even mugs. The extras are entirely optional, but they’re well worth considering if you want to add some extra pizzaz to your gift.

Enter Your Details

Now for the easy bit. Enter your name, your email address, add your payment information, add a special message to be added to the gift, and boom! You’re done. All that’s left to do now is sit back and wait for your certificate of registration to be delivered.

The hard copy of the registration certificate will follow by mail, but in the meantime, you’ll get a digital copy sent to your inbox within minutes. The certificate will confirm the star’s name, the registration date (this doesn’t have to be the actual date of registration – if you want to choose a special date, either past or future, you can), the star’s coordinates, and the special message you asked to be added.

All that’s left to do now is pick the right moment to hand your gift over.


Buy a Star to a Loved One

Choosing to gift a star to a loved one is an extraordinary way to express how you feel. It’s a magical, unique gift that’s designed to wow. Because make no mistake – no one feels ambivalent about getting a star as a gift. Why? Because no one feels ambivalent about giving a star as a gift.

There’s nothing so-so about a star, nothing boring or generic or, let’s be honest, ordinary about a star. You don’t gift a star to someone you barely know and have no intention of getting to know better.

This is a gift you give to someone you care about, who’s special to you in a way that not everyone can claim to be. You don’t give a star to your mechanic just because they did an ok job on your brake pads. You don’t give one to the next-door neighbor you’ve heard but never seen.

Stars are special, and they’re designed for people who occupy a special place in your life. It might be your mother, your brother, your wife, or your son. Maybe it’s the friend who moved out of the country but never out of your heart. Perhaps it’s the maid of honors at your wedding. It could even be your dog.
Whoever they are and wherever they are, they’re significant. When you gift a star, you let them know they’re significant in no uncertain way.

If you want to make a loved one feel special in a way a pair of socks or a scented candle never could, naming a star in their honor is the surest way of doing it.

Wrapping Up

Deciding to name a star as a gift isn’t something to take lightly. This isn’t a gift for everyone. If you don’t know the person you’re buying for or if they don’t occupy a special place in your life, forget about naming a star as a gift. Stick to socks instead.

Stars are special gifts for special people. When you gift a star, you gift something that’s going to last forever. Whenever you or your loved one look up on a clear night, you’ll see your gift blazing away in the sky. That’s not necessarily an experience you want to share with someone you’re not on first-name terms with. But for the people you are? It’s a no-brainer.


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