Most Thoughtful Keepsake Gifts For 2021

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2021 is all about keepsake gifts that relive our best memories and that celebrate the meaningful connections we share. It’s a tall order, but providing you stick to the guiding principles of personalization, uniqueness, and thoughtfulness, you shouldn’t have too many problems in finding the perfect keepsake gift. If you’re in need of some inspiration, here are a few suggestions to get you started. 


The Joy of Keepsake Gifts   

Receiving keepsake gifts is a joy. But let’s be realistic… buying keepsake gifts can be a challenge. When someone means the world to you, you want to show them. A generic bunch of flowers or box of chocolates might be nice, but neither one is going to cut it when we need something really special.

A keepsake gift needs to be unique to the person you’re buying for. It needs to show you know what they like, and aren’t afraid to put the effort into getting it…. something that’s often a lot easier than it sounds.   

Keepsakes gifts might be thoughtful. They might be special. They might make us get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. But they’re not something you’re going to find at a convenience store. Rock up to your local store with a wad of cash and a plan to buy the perfect gift, and there’s a good chance you’ll leave disappointed.   

Because keepsake gifts are tricky. First of all, there’s deciding what to buy. Sure, there’s no shortage of gift ideas out there, but there’s a world of difference between a good gift and a great gift. And a keepsake gift is most definitely a great gift.   

There’s no room for error here. You need to know what kind of thing your friend or loved one will treasure forever, and pick the gift to match. And then you need to find that gift.   

If all this sounds like a lot of hard work, don’t despair. There’s a wealth of awesome, thoughtful gift ideas around, and thanks to a little thing called online shopping (21st-century living has its advantages!), getting your hands on them is easy enough.   

Need some inspiration? Then check out some of these great keepsake gift ideas.


Keepsake Gifts for Partners  

Buying for your significant other? Then why not consider some of these very special gifts?  

Custom-Made Couple Portrait  

If you want to show your partner just how much they mean to you, why not consider a custom-made couple portrait? It’s a physical representation of your love that’s designed to last a lifetime… and quite possibly beyond. 

Heart in Sand Framed Print  

Bring back memories of moonlit walks on the beach with a framed heart in sand print. Personalize it with your and your partner’s names drawn in a heart, along with a date that’s significant to you.

His and Hers Ceramic Mugs  

You don’t have to spend a fortune to say ‘I Love You.’ If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful gift that can still be treasured for a long time, try a pair of his and her ceramic mugs. Personalize them with your name, your photo, or a personal message.   

A Binary Star  

Name a Star packages are a unique way to mark a special occasion or to simply tell your partner how much they mean to you. They’re the eternal gift that keeps on giving, a way to say ‘I Love you’ in a way that transcends language, geography, and time.   

Take things to the next level by choosing a binary star – one of two stars that orbit around each other or a common center. The intertwined nature of the stars is a beautiful way of representing a relationship.  


Keepsake Gifts for Kids  

Most kids are oblivious to sentimental value. At least at first. But give them time. In a few years, your gift will mean the world to them.     

Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame  

Just because something’s electronic doesn’t mean it can’t have sentimental value. A digital photo frame is a great way of tapping into a kid’s love for all things high tech without sacrificing thoughtfulness in the process.  

Simply insert a memory card with a collection of photos and the photo frame will display them, either on a loop or randomly. If you’ve caught some lovely family moments on film, this is a great way to showcase them.   

Fill in the Pages Book  

The internet has done some amazing things for the world of gift-giving, not least presenting us with the opportunity to write, illustrate, and publish a hard copy book in a single day.   

There’s a bunch of websites that will guide you through the process of creating a personalized book. Thanks to the ton of gadgets and tools you’ll get access to, you don’t have to be a whizz at writing or drawing to make one.   

Personalized Photo Blanket  

Thoughtful gifts and practical gifts aren’t mutually exclusive. A personalized photo blanket lets you combine a treasured memory with something that can be used every day.   

Pull together a collection of your favorite images and get them printed on a blanket. It’s a keepsake gift that can be kept for years to come while providing plenty of value in the meantime.   

Memoir Book  

We don’t always have the patience to sit around and listen to stories of the good old days when we’re young, but we always regret it when we’re older. A memoir book lets you pull together your memories and present them in a keepsake book that can be savored forever.   

Fill each page with a different memory, leaving a few spare pages at the back for the child to fill with their own recollections of shared special moments.  

Keepsake Gifts for Her  

Question: what do you buy for the woman who has everything? Answer: something that no one else will. Generic gifts are all well and good for the office Secret Santa, but a keepsake gift that can be treasured for years to come is something else entirely.   

If you want to make your mother, your girlfriend, your sister, or any other special woman in your life feel truly special, try some of these beautiful keepsake gifts for size.  

An Essential Oil Diffuser Locket  

Jewelry makes a great gift, for sure, but does it fill the criteria for a keepsake gift? Does it tick the boxes for personalization, uniqueness, and thoughtfulness? Providing you choose the right piece, absolutely.  

An essential oil diffuser locket that can be filled with their favorite soothing or invigorating aromatherapy scent does the job perfectly.   

A Photo Snow Globe   

Snow globes make a great gift that can be easily personalized. Pop your favorite image of a special moment into the globe for a wonderful way to display and remember a great memory.   

A Gratitude Journal   

Few things are quite so personal as a 52-week gratitude journal. The idea is that each morning or evening, they spend just a couple of minutes jotting down the things that make life so special.   

The journal is spread into weekly sections with an inspirational quote added to each section. It’s a great way of celebrating those little moments in life that are all to easily forgotten.  

A Morse Code Bracelet  

Want to pass on a secret message to the special lady in your life? Then try a morse code bracelet – a fashionable (and very wearable) way for them to be reminded of that message every day. Take a look on Etsy for some great options.  


Keepsake Gifts for Him  

Buying gifts for guys can be a challenge. Maybe they’re the kind of man who’s got it all already. Maybe they’re a man of too many hobbies… or none at all. Regardless of what inflames his passion, a personalized keepsake gift is sure to win his approval.   

Personalized Decanter Set  

Whether the man in your life loves to party or just enjoys the occasional tipple, a personalized whiskey decanter set ticks all the right boxes. It’ll take his home bar to the next level and remind him of special shared moments with each drink he pours.   

Personalized Wallet  

Who says keepsake gifts can’t be useful as well as sentimental? A wallet is the kind of practical gift a guy can appreciate both in the moment and for years to come. Adding a personalized engraving takes things to the next level in thoughtfulness.   

Supima Cotton Socks  

Thoughtful gifts don’t have to be something obvious. They don’t need to ooze sentimentality from every pore. Sometimes, they can be as simple as a pair of socks… although obviously, not any old pair of socks is going to cut the mustard.   

A pack of five pairs of Supima cotton socks embroidered with his name, a message, or maybe even an inside joke makes the ideal gift. After all, we all need socks, and while few of us would ever treat ourselves to such a luxe pair, we’d all be more than happy to receive them.  


Keepsake Gifts for Everyone  

No matter who you’re buying for, this selection of keepsake gifts is guaranteed to hit the right note.  

A Scratch Off World Map Poster  

Who doesn’t love to travel? A scratch-off world map poster serves as a reminder of everywhere they’ve been so far, and everywhere that’s still to explore.   

Custom Stickers  

Keepsake gifts are usually sentimental by nature, but there’s no law saying they can’t be fun as well. A pack of ‘My Sticker Face’ stickers are a fun way to remember some special moments. Simple choose your favorite collection of images (your family’s faces, your pet’s face, their face… you get the picture) and the images will be printed on matte vinyl with waterproof inks, guaranteeing that wherever they stick them, they’ll last the distance.   

A Cameo Portrait  

An illustrated cameo portrait of the whole family is an amazing gift for parents, siblings, grandparents, and kids. If your family lives in different parts of the world, it’s a great reminder of the connection you all share, regardless of the distance between you.    

A Stargazing Gift  

If there’s one thing that unites us all, it’s our wonder of the night sky. Who doesn’t look up at the skies on a clear night and get a thrill? If you want to capture some of that magic, a name a star gift package is a great way to go.   

Name your chosen star after your special someone or even use a phrase that’s got a special significance to you both. Whenever they look upwards, they’ll get a kick knowing a little part of the sky has been dedicated just to them.

Wrapping Up  

If you’re looking to make a splash, keepsakes gifts are the way to go. A personalized, thoughtful keepsake gift like a name a star gift package is something we’d never think to buy for ourselves, but which we’d all love to receive.  

Rock up to a party with some flowers and chocolates, and there’ll be at least 3 other people who’ve had the same idea. Rock up with a star, on the other hand, and you can guarantee no one’s going to forget your gift in a hurry. Forget generic – if you want to impress this year, make it personal. Visit to name a star!


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