Most Thoughtful Gift For Someone Whose Dog Died

what to get someone whose dog died

Searching for a gift for someone whose dog died is never easy. After all, dogs are more than just pets. They’re family, and when one dies, it can be heartbreaking. If you have a friend or loved one who’s recently lost their beloved dog, a sympathy gift can go a long way to offering comfort. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to choose between, from engraved stones to online tributes, personalized portraits to stargazing gifts. Here, we look at some of the best gifts to show a grieving pet owner just how much you care. Don’t miss the opportunity to also check our own website and the sympathy gifts we offer.

Sympathy Gift for Someone Whose Dog Died

Choosing a sympathy gift for someone whose dog died isn’t easy. This isn’t the kind of event that can be marked lightly. A frivolous gift simply isn’t going to cut the mustard.

If you’ve ever lost a pet yourself, you’ll know just how devastating it can be. You’ll also know how important it is to feel that someone understands what you’re going through and empathizes with your pain. When you buy a gift for someone whose dog died, you go a long way to achieving both of those things… providing the gift is chosen wisely.

But just how do you go about choosing a gift for someone whose dog died? How do you mark the solemness of the occasion without making it worse?

Should the gift honor the dog’s death (an urn, a memorial stone, etc.) or celebrate their life (a framed portrait, a photo album)? Should it provide an immediate source of solace (a comfort food box filled with delicious treats, or a snuggly blanket) or a more lasting one (a rose bush to plant in their honor, or a star named after them)?

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong answer. Everyone is different, and everyone will appreciate different things. That being said, a gift that’s given in love, that’s been chosen with care and thoughtfulness, will always be appreciated, regardless of what it is.

The most essential aspect of buying a gift for someone whose dog died is to show support. Grief can be isolating. A gift shows the bereaved person that they aren’t alone, that someone recognizes what they’re going through and is there to support them.

When you buy a gift for someone whose dog died, you’re not just giving a gift. You’re given a token of love. You’re showing that you understand. No matter what the gift is, that simple expression of understanding can make a huge difference to the healing process.

In terms of what makes an appropriate gift for someone whose dog died… well, the options are endless. The most important thing to remember is to be sensitive to the pain and grief that goes hand in hand with losing a pet.

Even if you’ve never lost a pet yourself, you can still let the other person know you understand the significance of their loss and are there for them, no matter how long the healing process takes. Saying that in words can be difficult, which makes the process of buying a gift for someone whose dog died so special.

There’s no end of gifts that can help bereaved pet owners say goodbye to their dog, from personalized pet memorial stones and urns to sympathy baskets and jewelry. If you need some inspiration, take a look at some of these ideas for a special gift for someone whose dog died.

Homemade Gifts for Someone Whose Dog Died

Store-bought gifts have their attractions, but nothing says “I’m thinking of you” quite like a gift you’ve made yourself. If you want to give something that comes from the heart, here are some great ideas to get you started.

Photo Album

If your friend’s Instagram is filled with images of their beloved pet, rake through them and save the best ones. You can either print them at home or get them professionally printed. Use the hard copies to fill a photo album. Although it may be painful for them to look through it at first, over time, it’ll serve as a beautiful reminder of all the wonderful moments they and their dog shared.

Hand Painted Memorial Quote

A hand-painted memorial quote is simple to create, even if you’re not blessed with artistic talents. To make one, start by gathering up some letter stencils, paint, and a piece of wood or slate. Search online for an inspirational quote that fits the occasion, then use the stencils to recreate the quote on the wood or slate. It’s simple, affordable, and makes a beautiful tribute.

Shadow Box

If you’re not familiar with the concept, a shadow box is an enclosed glass-front box that’s used to showcase items of significance. Once you’ve got the box, add a photo of the dog, a few paw-shaped cutouts, or even their tags or collar to create a lasting tribute in their memory.


Unusual Gifts for Someone Whose Dog Died

Sometimes, the most fitting gifts are the most unusual. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. As these inspiring gift ideas show, left-field choices can sometimes be the best.

A Storage Box

Buying someone an empty storage box might seem an odd way to commemorate the loss of a pet. But if you think about it, it actually makes sense. When a pet dies, their things remain. In the immediate aftermath of their death, the sight of their toys, food bowls, or collar can bring on a fresh tide of grief. But throwing those items away is unthinkable. A decorative box will provide a safe home for those memories until the person is ready to look at them again.

A Stuffed Toy

Buying a stuffed toy for an adult might sound childish, but don’t underestimate just how much comfort it can bring. If your loved one is used to cuddling up with their dog, they’re probably missing that physical form of comfort. A stuffed toy that resembles their pet isn’t going to replace them, but simply having something to hold can make a big difference.

A Book on Pet Loss

Navigating the different emotions that come with losing a pet can be hard, especially if it’s new territory. Fortunately, there are a plethora of books available that deal with the subject of pet loss. If your friend is struggling to come to terms with the death of their dog, a book that guides them through the grieving process can be a great source of comfort.


Comforting Gifts for Someone Whose Dog Died

When a dog dies, you don’t just lose a beloved pet, you lose a source of comfort. Petting, stroking, and cuddling up to a dog are known stress relievers. Having them around, knowing they love you unconditionally…don’t underestimate just how reassuring those things can be. So when they die, it can feel like the rug has been whipped from underneath your feet. While you can’t replicate the emotional support a dog brings, you can introduce some comfort into your loved one’s life with one of these gift basket suggestions.

Comfort Gift Basket

Food can’t fill the hole left by a lost pet, but it can help remind us of the simple pleasures of life. Fill a basket with your friend’s favorite foods. If you can find candies and chocolates they loved as a child, so much the better. Don’t leave it at food either. A soft blanket to cuddle into, a silky robe, bath bombs, aromatherapy candles, or even a pair of cozy socks are just the kind of pampering, indulgent comforts we need during times of stress.

A Pet Gift Basket

If your loved one has other pets, they’re likely to be missing their chum too. Try filling a goody basket with some special toys and treats to bring a little joy back into their life. As it’ll encourage the owner to spend time with the rest of their pets, it can serve as a useful distraction for them as well.

A Memorial Basket

If your friend has a garden that they loved spending time in with their dog, a gift basket filled with gifts built around a garden theme is a great idea. Add some tools and seeds, along with a few memorial items like a memorial pet stone or a garden stake engraved with the dog’s name. Not only will creating a memorial garden let your friend pay a lasting tribute to their dog, but it’ll also serve as a useful distraction in the immediate aftermath of the loss.


Instant Gifts for Someone Whose Dog Died

Some gifts can take days, even weeks to make or arrive. But what if you want to give something straight away? Fortunately, there’s plenty of options for last-minute gifts, including…

A Charity Donation

Not everyone wants a physical pet sympathy gift. For some people, having a gift that reminds them of their dog will simply make the situation worse, no matter how well-intentioned it is. But that doesn’t mean they won’t still appreciate a kind gesture. Consider making a donation to your local pet shelter or animal charity in their dog’s honor. It’s a lovely tribute that will hit just the right note. Let them know about the donation by sending them a thoughtful condolence card.

A Star

Name a star packages have become increasingly popular in the last few years, and for very good reason. Although they’re typically used to celebrate joyous occasions, they also make wonderful tributes to lost loved ones.

The premise is simple: choose a star package, decide on a name for your star, and within a few minutes, you’ll receive a certificate confirming the registration. Choosing to name a star after a lost pet is a wonderful way of paying tribute to them. Each time your friend looks up at the sky, they’ll see the star and be reminded of all the wonderful moments they shared with their pet.

The Winning Gift

Choosing the right gift for someone whose dog died isn’t always easy. After all, we’re all different. Not every gift is going to be appropriate for everyone. Buying a box of comfort food for someone who only ever eats salad is probably a bad call. Gifting a memorial pet garden basket won’t help someone who lives in an apartment block.

Fortunately, some gifts transcend tastes, lifestyles, and living situations. Case in point – a star. The night sky has a special magic that appeals to us all. No matter how old we are, where we come from, or how we like to spend our money, there’s something about the sky on a clear night that touches our hearts.

So how better to pay tribute to a loved one’s lost pet than by naming a little corner of it in their honor?


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