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FAQ & How to Name a Star

Please see our FAQ’s for answers to the most common questions. However, if your question isn’t listed here, please get in touch and our dedicated customer services team will get back to you as soon as possible.


What is Dedicated Stars?

Dedicated Stars is an extraordinary way to make your loved one feel cherished! It’s a website that names stars after people (or anything you like), the gift that really does last forever! Our journey started a while ago, in fact, possibly even several decades ago when astronomers stopped naming stars and instead, assigned each star with a catalogue ID number. Our team decided to start naming stars again, and make them into exceptional gifts, registered on the star database forever.

What is a constellation?

A constellation is the name given to a group of stars that form a pattern. Currently, there are 88 named constellations. Normally, names are given according to the constellation’s shape; it could be a person, a creature or an object, for example. There are twelve Zodiac constellation (the most well-known are the Zodiac signs that make up birth signs; Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius).

What name can I give to a star? Are there any restrictions?

Name a star whatever you like! Lots of our customers name stars after family members, friends, pets, even themselves. Some of our customers name a star after a person they admire, or something very special to them, like their home or their private yacht! There are no restrictions and, the name you choose may be one or more words, including numbers or even special characters if you like.

What is the Registration Date?

This relates to the date you want to appear on the star certificate and you can choose a current date, a date from the past or a date in the future, it’s entirely up to you. Perhaps you want to use the date of a special event, maybe a birthday, a wedding anniversary or to mark a milestone? The choice is yours!

What is the Registration Number?

The registration number on your star certificate relates to the record of registration. Use it to retrieve the name and information surrounding your star from our registry.

How long will my registration be valid?

A lifetime and beyond! Your registration doesn’t expire and once your star is named, it stays on the registry unless you request its removal. If you want to change the name of your star, you can contact our customer services team.

Can I name a specific star?

Our state-of-the-art technology uses a specially designed algorithm to qualify star assignment based on selected specifications. This is to avoid naming stars that are not visible or that do not shine as brightly in the night sky as other stars, so you’re guaranteed exceptional quality every time.

What is the Ultra Boost Brightness upgrade?

We believe this to be an incredible upgrade and yet still a superb value proposition for your everlasting gift. Our team has reserved a limited number of dazzlingly bright stars per constellation, available especially for you. So, if you want to make a grand statement or a generous gesture, upgrade and get a Dedicated Star that shimmers, twinkles and glistens more than other stars in the night sky.

Do I hold deeds of ownership for my star?

Our service is for you to name a star, from a legal point of view, stars cannot be “owned” by anyone as they belong to humanity. Even stars that are named by the scientific community are not owned by science. However, once a star is named, then that will be its name forever unless you ask for the name to be removed from the database.

Is the Dedicated Stars Database an Official Registry?

Yes it is, we keep a comprehensive registry for stars in the galaxy. We also carefully monitor the stars and update their positions when necessary.

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What is the status of my order?

Find the latest status of your order by contacting our customer support team.

Do you offer discounts for multiple orders or corporate orders?

We can apply a discount for multiple orders and corporate orders, please email us here and one of our customer services team will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the Return Policy?

We offer a 30 calendar day return policy that starts from the date of purchase. For more information check our Returns Policy page.


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Dedicated Stars has partnered with a multi-continent network of production facilities and shipping providers to bring you the ultimate in service and make sure that delivery is quick, easy and convenient. Our US orders are managed exclusively in US facilities, European orders are managed through European facilities, we believe in keeping it as local as possible. If you don’t want to wait for your order, we can also offer you expedited shipping. For more information on our shipping information, including shipping times, check our Shipping Page.

My order arrived, but it was damaged.

Dedicated Stars strives to bring our customers the best possible service and every order undergoes strict quality control. All orders leave our facilities in perfect condition. Despite these efforts, very occasionally, an order might experience damage in transit. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your product, please contact our customer services team to request a replacement and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I've lost my Certificate and star Registration Number!

Don’t worry, we can help, simply email our customer services team with as many of your details as possible and we’ll send you a brand new digital certificate free of charge.

Are you looking to name a star?

Registering a personalized star is a great way to commemorate a special occasion or event! Personalize your star by choosing a star name, a constellation, a date, and a message.

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