Buy and Name a Star as Gift for or from Australia

Are you thinking of buying a star as a gift for or from Australia? Then you’re not alone. More and more people are getting into space gifts. Why? Because they make unique, memorable gifts that transcend age, location, and occasion. No matter who we are or where we are, we all want to feel special from time to time. Having a star named in your honor does exactly that. Keen to find out more? Here’s what you need to know.


Buy a Star as a Gift in Australia

Maybe you live in Australia and want to buy a star as a gift for someone on the other side of the world. Maybe you’re the one on the other side of the world and you want to buy a star as a gift for a friend or relative in Australia. Either way, you’re making a wise choice. 

Buying a star as a gift is a great way of commemorating a special occasion or event. It could be a birthday, an anniversary, a retirement, or an engagement. Maybe you just want to say ‘Thank You’ or ‘I’m Thinking of You.’

Whatever the occasion and whatever you intend to say with the gift, a star is the perfect solution. Whether you live in Australia or anywhere else in the world, buying a star is a unique, incredibly special gift that will be remembered forever.

No matter how nice other gifts might be, very few have the lasting power of a star. A star is eternal. 5, 25, or 50 years down the line, your loved one will simply need to glance heavenward to be reminded of your gift. 

Compare that lasting power to other gifts. Perfume might be appreciated, but how long is that bottle going to last? Chocolates are delicious, sure, but once they’re gone, they’re gone. A book is read once, maybe twice, before being sent to gather dust on the shelf. 

A star, on the other hand, is a different thing entirely. Buying a star as a gift might be as quick and simple as buying a bottle of perfume or a box of candies, but in terms of lasting power, there’s no competition. 


The Perfect Gift: Why You Should Name a Star in Australia

Whether you’re in Australia or know someone who is, a name a star gift package is the ideal solution for your gifting needs. 

Why? Let’s break it down.


It’s Unique

Ever had a star named after you? No? Don’t worry, most people haven’t. Which is exactly what makes it so special. Naming a star as a gift is something not many people do. Receiving a star as a gift is just as rare. If you want to make a big impact, naming a star is how to do it.


It’s Universal

Wherever we are in the world, the night sky is something we all have in common. And it’s something we’re all fascinated by. Stargazing isn’t geographically specific – it’s universal. If you’re looking for the perfect gift that someone in Australia can enjoy just as much as someone in South Africa can, name a star. 

It’s Eternal

Are you looking for the kind of gift that lasts forever? Then choose a star. A star won’t wither, it won’t die, and it won’t fade. A star will be blazing as bright in 50 years as it will in 5. If you want to treat your loved one to something eternal, naming a star as a gift is a no-brainer.


It’s Simple

Gift buying can be a chore. It takes time, effort, and, more often than not, a ton of money. But it doesn’t need to be that complicated. 

If you’re in Australia (or are buying for someone who is), it’s easy to name a star as a gift. Choose your package, name your star, and voila! Job done.

Buy a star gift Australia (AU)

The Perfect Gift for All Occasions

How many gifts suit an anniversary as much as they do a birthday; a retirement as much as an engagement? Not many, right?  But there’s one type of gift that does: a star.

There are no age limits on who can appreciate a star. There are no occasions where a star is going to ruffle any feathers or seem out of place. 

Whoever we are and wherever we are, we’re all fascinated by the beauty of the night sky. Naming a star lets you capitalize on that fascination. It packages up the beauty of the night sky and delivers it any way we can all appreciate.

Just some of the events and occasions a star is perfect for include…

An Anniversary

A New Baby

A Baby Shower

A Birthday

A Christening


Father’s Day

A Memorial

Mother’s Day

New Year


Thank You


Valentine’s Day



The World is Your Oyster

The world is getting smaller. You might be in AU, but your family might be in the UK. Or maybe you’re in South Africa and your loved ones are in Australia. 

With families and friends spread all over the world, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events can be challenging. How do you get your gift halfway around the world? How do you make sure it’s not going to get caught up in customs or stuck in shipping delays? 

Naming a star takes that challenge away. Stars transcend borders. You don’t have to declare them in customs and they’re not going to get lost on the way.

As gifts go, a star is about as convenient as it’s possible to get. 


Ready, Steady, Go

If you live in Australia or know someone who does, choosing to buy and name a star as a gift is a solid choice. It’s a gift that works for everyone and everything. Whatever occasion you’re marking and whoever you’re buying for, a star is guaranteed to thrill. So, what are you waiting for?


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